Selling Your Property

In a hot market most homes sell and reasonably quickly. This is more to do with property demand that propels the market forward rather than a well-conceived marketing strategy that is conscientiously executed to a successful outcome . Sales in an upward trending market are oftentimes  viewed by the home seller as a success and therefore by association, their agent. In such markets little thought is given to the true effective cause of sale.

Enter the buyers market. While all real estate agents are comfortable with the process of listing homes for sale, the successful agents who thrive in these challenging markets understand that selling homes is a PROCESS that is a combination of the effective use of technology tools combined with a skill set and work ethic to see the process through to its conclusion.

In surveys of how home sellers select their agent, it is interesting to observe that one of the primary selection criteria is based on convenience!

  • Chose the agent who had the home listed they wanted to buy.
  • A friend or co-worker had used them in the past.
  • They received a letter in the mail offering free home evaluations.
  • They met the agent at an open house and liked him / her.
  • They belonged to the same club / church / association.
  • They recommended the most favorable listing price.

While all these may be reasonable grounds for inclusion of the agent into an interview list,  they are hardly the primary criteria for selection! It is no wonder that 1 in 4 homes listed never sell. To say this another way, 1 in 4 home sellers go to  great lengths to prepare their home for sale, suffer through many months of inconvenience only to have their dreams evaporate. With proper advise and guidance this need not have happened. At the very least, with an experienced agent involved, a series of realistic scenarios would have been discussed and a corresponding strategy applied.

If you are serious about selling, whether now or many months from now, give us a call. We will discuss your options, give you realistic suggestions and explain market conditions and trends to aid you in planning a successful and rewarding move. It’s our commitment.