Dealing with Asbestos

This is one A-Word that most people don’t want to hear in Real Estate. Before you run screaming for the hills, it’s important to realize that asbestos is not as bad as you might think, and in more place than you ever imagined.

When it was first discovered as a building material, it was a breakthrough with many promising applications… it took a while before scientists discovered the dark side of asbestos.

If you are thinking of doing your own renovations… here is a good link which outlines the process for dealing with this in the CRD:

ASBESTOS TRIVIA: The main characters in the original “Wizard of OZ” were sprinkled with asbestos to simulate snow. YIKES!

This fluffy snow was in fact asbestos!

NOT-FUN FACT: The United States has not banned it and continues to use Asbestos Cement in certain types of pipe installations.