2018 Recreational Property Report

If you’ve been looking at recreational property, you’re in good company!

Turns out, it’s one of the biggest trends of growth right now in Canada, with a lot of retirees (or wannabe retirees) actively shopping for a place to relax and unwind.

RE/MAX has just released their report, and if you’re on the West Coast, you may be shocked to see what is going on. For example, the median price of waterfront in Tofino, according to this report, has doubled since last year! Even our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has seen the appeal of Tofino and will be spending part of his family Summer vacation there. (For the third Summer in a row!)

I’ve attached the first page of the report, which shows some great strength in the market up there:

If you’re thinking about getting out of the city and getting into some recreational properties… let us know!

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